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Housing project of 1937.5 ft² of construction. In front of the lot, there are two independent studios with lock-off, ideal for renting on Airbnb or for visits, while at the back is the main house that has: living room, kitchen, dining room with double-height view, three bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms, it has excellent cross ventilation and magnificent natural lighting, thanks to the distribution of the windows.

Small House was a challenge for Houses Tulum because it is the first time that a project of this size has been developed, as its name says, it is a small design for the lot on which it was built, however, there is a perfect distribution of the elements, reaching and satisfying the objectives of the clients who were amazed with the results obtained.

As a result, two projects are obtained in one, divided by a large pool that has a small sunken room in the center of it, generating a spectacular view.

If you want to live or invest in this wonderful place, don't forget that you can count on us; we design and build your ideal home in the Riviera Maya The perfect place to invest! Our designs are unique and innovative, we respect the nature of the enigmatic jungle🌴

We have pre-sale or custom projects, ranging from homes to investment projects such as condominiums. What do you want? We build it just for you 👷‍♂️

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