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Vertical design housing project of 5489.59 ft² of construction located in "LA VELETA", an area of high added value in Tulum, Quintana Roo; With a minimalist architectural style, priority is given to green areas to maintain harmony and balance with the interiors and with the nature of the place, the use of green walls is characteristic of the project.

Composed of two studios with a 484.376 ft² jacuzzi each, a two-bedroom apartment, 1571.53 ft², and a three-bedroom penthouse and a 2152.78 ft² private pool.

If you want to live or invest in this wonderful place, don't forget that you can count on us; we design and build your ideal home in the Riviera Maya The perfect place to invest! Our designs are unique and innovative, we respect the nature of the enigmatic jungle🌴

We have pre-sale or custom projects, ranging from homes to investment projects such as condominiums. What do you want? We build it just for you 👷‍♂️.

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